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Sphere on Spiral Stairs


Eliza Kelley (she/they) was born and raised in Southern California, where they were introduced to the beauty of storytelling through writing. As they were growing up, they also found a deep love for acting, directing, puppetry, as well as playing the banjo. They are an alumnus of The University of North Carolina School of the Arts' high school drama program, and returned to assistant direct and dramaturg a devised socially distant theatrical piece for the college program in 2020. They went on to receive their BFA in Devised/Contemporary Theatre at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, centering their thesis around anonymous responses to an immersive art installation they put up around several cities asking the question "have you been having strange dreams?"  

The summer after graduating, they studied fiction at The Iowa Writers Workshop and developed their new play "Tame". Eliza is now based out of New York City.


                  Height: 5’5”                                                          Hair: Auburn                                                Eyes: Blue    


THEATRE (Directing)


    Missing Mercy                                              Director                                 Orlando Fringe Festival

     Machinal                                                    Assistant Director                  Boston Conservatory at Berklee

     Inheritance: A Work in Progress          Assistant Director                  UNCSA

    The Humans                                              Assistant Director                  Boston Conservatory at Berklee 

    Hades and the One Year Winter            Assistant Director                 New Ground Theater Company

    A Day in Hollywood…                              Assistant Director                  Boston Conservatory at Berklee

    Savage in Limbo                                        Assistant Director                  Boston Conservatory at Berklee


    THEATRE (Acting)

    Midsummer Nights Dream                         Titania                                  Boston Conservatory at Berklee

    The Seagull                                                   Arkadina                                Boston Conservatory at Berklee

    American Buffalo                                           Teach                                   Boston Conservatory at Berklee

    The Goat                                                         Stevie                                    Boston Conservatory at Berklee
   The Glass Menagerie                             Laura Wingfield                         UNCSA
   As You Like It                                                   Celia                                    UNCSA
   Angels in America                                      Harper Pitt                              UNCSA


    THEATRE (Puppetry)


    Hir                                                              Puppet Master                         UNCSA

    Why I Still Wear This Skin                   Puppet Designer                      Double Edge Theater

    Shrek                                                         Puppet Operator                      Boston Conservatory at Berklee

    Hir                                                             Puppet Master                          Boston Conservatory at Berklee



     Ko Festival of Performance “Radical Acts” The 27th Annual Season



    Boston Conservatory at Berklee Contemporary Theater BFA 

    Ko Festival of Performance (Amherst, MA)

    Theatre As If Your Life Depended On It Workshop (Helen Stoltzfus- Black Swan Arts & Media)

    University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA)

    Artists Reaching Children in the Hospital (A.R.C.H.)



     Dance/Movement: Contact Improv (Olivier Besson), Grotowski Movement (Kate Amory), Jazz (Mollie Murray),                   Ballet (New World Dance Studio, CA)
     Circus Skills: Acrobats (Handstands, Headstand, Shoulder Rolls, Tiger Leaps), Plate Spinning,  Juggling, Magic Tricks

     Stage Combat (Dale Girard and Angela Jepson): Unarmed/Hand to Hand Combat, Lightsaber, Katana Technique

Featured Work
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